Over 500 Used Shotgun Barrels and Over 1,000 stocks & forearms to choose from:

We have well over 300 new and used Browning, Remington, Mossberg, Winchester and a dozen off-brand auto & pump barrels to choose from. We do a lot of business with gunsmiths and gun shops. Therefore, we must keep our prices low!  

► Email me for my most recent shotgun barrel inventory; wd4smw@bellsouth.net.

  WE BUY BARRELS: We buy auto and pump shotgun barrels: ANY Brand, ANY Gage; Bent, Bulged, Rusty, Nasty, Shorty(-18”) or Dented. If you have a shotgun barrel in excess of your needs – we’ll buy it!   WE REPAIR BARRELS: We can straighten Bent barrels, Remove Bulges, Refinish or Re-Blu barrels. Call us about your barrel problem. Chances are we can repair your barrel for way less that the cost of a new or used barrel.  

Over 400 used Stocks and Forearms!

We have most of the popular brands. Most are take-offs. Some have been repaired. We have a few new stocks & forearms.   WE BUY STOCKS: We’ll buy most take-off stocks and forearms. If there is a crack we probably will buy it anyway.   There are 200 or so Single Barrels and the same # Double Barrels that we do not list. Most of these are not identified but are available to those local to Memphis, Tennessee. Each barrel needs to be fitted to the receiver. These barrels do not fit all. This is a do-it-yourself opportunity. We do not ship single/double barrels.   WE BUY GUNSMITH ESTATES: Much of our inventory comes from gunsmith estates. We buy EVERYTHING; Parts, Pieces, non-functioning guns, heavy equipment including lathes and milling machines. Roy says, “We sweep the floor!” If you know of an estate that is out of probate or will be out soon, let us know. We deal in CA$H. If the property is a bit too far from Memphis, Tennessee for us to go we have a network of gun parts vendors that may be near you.  

 Call ROY: 901-484-3564        

Professional machinist For 35 years!  

“Just old guys that do gun shows and sell gun parts!”


    Roy and Jim are back on the road doing gun shows within 200 miles of home base in Memphis, Tennessee.

    We’ll have the Largest Display of shotgun barrels and stocks you’ll ever see at a gun show!

    We’ll also have on display one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t shotguns in the world. Factory barrel 45½“ long!