LC Smith Shotgun Repairs

Most Gunsmiths won’t work on LC Smith shotguns! Once apart, they can’t get them back together! We often get an LC Smith in the shop in pieces in a grocery sack. Someone, usually the owner, had taken his shotgun part to clean it and couldn’t get it back together. If you own a LC Smith, don’t take it apart. Roy is one of the few in the whole country that has the skill – and the antique parts – to re assemble an LC Smith shotgun. Sometimes he will have to manufacture an antique part not available for nearly a century!

LC Smith Stocks – We repair and replace stocks and fore ends for LC Smith shotguns. Many of the stocks and fore ends we receive can be repaired. We are experts in repairing hundred-year-old stocks and fore ends. Often the owner can’t find evidence of the repair. We can even re-cut the existing checkering for the out-of-the-box new look. NEW STOCKS. We start with virgin Missouri walnut simi-inletted stocks for the many “flavors” of LC Smith receivers. Owners may request from standard grain all the way up to AA Extra Fancy walnut. We fit these stocks to your shotgun just like they did at the factory except we don’t use gas lights. A proper, tight fit is important to insure years of shooting these fine shotguns. Fitting double barrel stocks is a real talent that only a few craftsmen like Roy has.

LC Smith Barrel Repairs. We can repair double barrels – remove bulges, remove dents, straighten double and refinish rusty barrels, replace bead sight, Solder separated barrels back together and install Vented Ribs to your shotgun.

LC Smith Receivers are extremely difficult to assemble! Roy has developed a technique only known by a few. From an inventory of thousands of LC Smith parts he can put your hammer/hammerless receiver back in factory fresh working order. Even if he has to manufacture the part!

Don’t get in a hurry. We have to get it right so we are very careful in making sure all parts and wood fit to factory standards. This craftsmanship takes time. Besides, your LC Smith will be put in line with dozens of others waiting their turn to go on the bench. Wait time is usually several months.

We are not limited to only LC Smith shotguns. We work on all double barrel shotguns.


    Roy and Jim are back on the road doing gun shows within 200 miles of home base in Memphis, Tennessee.

    We’ll have the Largest Display of shotgun barrels and stocks you’ll ever see at a gun show!

    We’ll also have on display one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t shotguns in the world. Factory barrel 45½“ long!