ANTIQUE GUNS RESTORED/Professional Quality

Almost every family has great grandpa’s old shotgun. It may have been in the family for generations! It is a keepsake but needs to be restored to its original glory. Parts may be missing. It may be rusty and the wooden parts deteriorated or missing. The old gun may not even function. You may simply want the old thing professionally cleaned -OR- you may want it put into LIKE NEW shape! Perhaps you wish to present this family treasure, fully restored, for Father’s Day? Or a special birthday? Don’t wait. It may take us a WEEK to complete your project – once we get yours in line.
  • We will remove decades of rust from the metal parts, buff them down to the bare metal and either re-blue or apply a hard acrylic finish.
  • Many stocks may be repaired/restored. Cracks can be made to disappear. Wooden parts that cannot be saved may have to be replaced from the hundreds of take-off stocks in our inventory.
  • We have a huge inventory or antique and hard-to-find parts along with hundreds of stocks and forearms. If we don’t have the antique part we may have to order it or – even MAKE it. As an example, most of the guns we restore are over 100 years old! As of right now, firearms pre 1899 are considered antique and are EXEMPT from federal law & ATF rules.
  • We can offer Professional Results. Your family heirloom will look, “As good as the day great Grandpa bought it!”
  • We are not a dealer and do not sell guns. However, we can restore your family treasure to its original out-of-the box appearance.
  • Each project is priced based upon the customer’s request and the current condition of the piece.
  • With your gun in hand we can give you an estimate of time and materials required. We will discuss this with you in detail BEFORE we start on your project.
  • Most of our projects are old shotguns and lever rifles. We accept antique gun projects from all states.
  • Prices start at $60hr plus parts.
  • With the current back log we are running about six months behind. Don’t get in a hurry!
Roy, a professional machinist by trade,  has been building high power rifles and shotguns for over 35 years. We don’t have a store but operate out of the workshop at home. We are small-time: No receptionist, no fancy uniforms. Just good, honest work. Call Roy for additional information and directions on how to ship your family heirloom. Roy, 901-484-3564 – the artisan who crafts each piece.

    Roy and Jim are back on the road doing gun shows within 200 miles of home base in Memphis, Tennessee.

    We’ll have the Largest Display of shotgun barrels and stocks you’ll ever see at a gun show!

    We’ll also have on display one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t shotguns in the world. Factory barrel 45½“ long!