Master Shotgun Barrel MECHANIC

Here is an example of the shotgun barrel work we can do:

Moffatt Barrel 2  Moffatt Barrel 3 Before

 Restored Shot Gun Barrel -2013 004 After


Moffatt Barrel 2 Before

 Restored Shot Gun Barrel -2013 004 After

  We repair Bent, Bulged, Rusty, Nasty, Shorty(-18”) or Dented shotgun barrels. STUCK CHOKES REMOVED! We’ll take that stuck choke out of your favorite shotgun barrel. Rate: $60hr plus parts if needed. See What People are saying:  


Subject: Bayard Arms Piper Breech Twist Finish Belgium

While they are not high-quality photos and they’ll never convey the beauty of your work and my sincere appreciation for the work you have done.

The shotgun sits proudly in my home and I tell the story frequently of how I came into possession of this family heirloom and the work Mr. Roy did on it. New forearm, new checkering, years of rust removed, blueing, new butt plate, hone bores, and more that only Mr. Roy would know. While I’m unsure of how often I’ll shoot this black powder shotgun, if at all; having the piece of mind knowing it’s functional and safe thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of Mr. Roy gives me peace of mind. Now my family and I will have many more years, if not generations, of enjoyment thanks to you.

My very best to you both,






Subject: Crescent SxS

Got a box from the post office yesterday. When I opened it, I was not happy.

I thought your friend Roy had sent me the wrong gun. It was the same make and model, but way too nice.

Further inspection and I found a couple if marks. It is mine and the restoration is outstanding! It looks new and shows extremely well. I don’t have Roy’s email, so I would ask you to forward this to him. If he ever needs a referral, tell him to feel free to use me.

Again, thanks for all of your help!

Mike Whealen St Louis, MO 63129


“Mr. Moffatt, You were MORE than patient with me as I worked my technical problems out. You are the nicest guy I’ve met in this business, and I hope to meet more, but the chances are slim. To none. You are a great addition to the business you are a part of and your partner should be proud to have you on the team, of “Shotgun barrels and stocks”, as you assist others, like myself, with their firearm needs. As the “go to person ” I know you keep the spirit of the company alive, active, as well as current with the needs of your customer base, and those who deal with you for the first time and experience your product knowledge, as well as your human relations skills. It has been a pleasure dealing with, and meeting you through the miracle of the electronic medium.”

Kevin Dearman


    Roy and Jim are back on the road doing gun shows within 200 miles of home base in Memphis, Tennessee.

    We’ll have the Largest Display of shotgun barrels and stocks you’ll ever see at a gun show!

    We’ll also have on display one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t shotguns in the world. Factory barrel 45½“ long!